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Stay focused on your NATURAL ability

Stay focused on the INDIVIDUAL skills you deliver

Stay focused on the LEADERSHIP capabilities you exemplify

Who we help

What we do

  • We are individuals passionate about helping student-athletes achieve their individual goals in the sports sector.  We are positive, motivated resistant parents determined to change the norm and landscape related to athletes’ abilities to gain access to this billion-dollar sports industry such as football.

  • We are dedicated and focused on young student-athletes gaining their voice back by providing them with simple yet powerful tools to gain traction in the Name, Image, and Likeness arena (NIL).

  • We provide a broad spectrum of resources to allow student-athletes to control their destiny while helping them gain opportunities for NIL funds by using our branding strategies & and tools.

  • We have a three-step slogan regarding this NIL landscape.

    • N: Stay focused on your NATURAL talents and abilities ​

    • I: Stay focused on the INDIVIDUAL skills you will deliver

    • L: Stay focused on the LEADERSHIP capabilities you exemplify.

  • We help high school football student-athletes primarily in Georgia.

  • We help high school student-athletes looking for opportunities to improve their brand.

  • We help athletes gain access to potential NIL funding.

  • We can help athletes in other states for all sports (including college).

  • We educate, teach, train, and position high school student-athletes with opportunities to brand / re-brand themselves.

  • We provide one-page branding summaries and Videos to athletes using a robust SWOT analysis method for each player; Play by Play.

  • We help define/redefine each athlete’s Name-worth and how to capitalize on it.

  • We provide a simple yet SMART approach to handling student athletes because we understand that each player requires a unique style to achieve their individual goals.

Who we are

Delores Watkins

“They work as a team, they lead with team in mind, and they focus on the team members that’s part of their program helping them be successfully.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done and that you do for these kids”

Contact Us

1911 Grayson Hwy Ste. 8269

Grayson, GA 30017

Tel: 470-667-6604

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